ClearCheck Software

Yes, ClearCheck works with the following TPS systems:

  • Eclipse™
  • Monaco®*
  • Ethos™*
  • Tomotherapy®*
  • Raystation®*
  • Pinnacle®*
  • BrainLab®*
  • MRIdian®*

*Some features may not be available for all treatment planning systems

Yes, ClearCheck is FDA 510(k) cleared.

Yes, ClearCheck is designed to both analyze a single plan and compare two treatment plans to determine which plan has better plan quality.

Yes, both plans and plan sums can be analyzed. All constraints except NTCP can be analyzed for plan sums. Plan checks will evaluate each plan in a plan sum to determine if the individual plans are passing and report each plan's analysis to the user.

Templates are used to make constraints and plan checks patient and site specific e.g. Prostate, Prostate With Nodes, Lung, etc. There are 2 types of templates: Global templates Patient templates. Global templates allow you to one-click copy site-specific constraints and plan checks into the patient-specific template. The patient template can then be modified to suit each individual patient's needs if required.

Users are added to ClearCheck to create/approve templates. Approving a template prevents further editing and records the username and date of approval for documentation.

ClearCheck Dose Constraints

ClearCheck is capable of performing the following:

  • Volume Constraint
  • Min Volume Spared Constraint
  • Min Volume Constraint
  • Dose Constraint
  • Max, Min, and Mean Constraint
  • Max Dose Table Constraint
  • Dose Spillage (Volume of specified dose outside structure)
  • Conformity Index
  • Paddick Conformity Index
  • Gradient Index
  • Determine if Global Hot Spot is inside specified structure
  • Volume Table
  • Gradient Measure
  • ICRU Homogeneity Index
  • RTOG Homogeneity Index
  • NTCP (LKB model)

For more details please see the constraints page.

Yes, all constraints can be specified in absolute and relative doses (cGy/Gy/%) and volumes (cc/%). If a dose is specified in relative (%), the user must specify what the 100% dose for the template is in absolute (cGy/Gy).

Yes, the user can specify a range which is acceptable by the department. e.g. Total Lung V2000cGy < 35-37%. The software will give a passing value <35% which displays in green, a warning value between 35-37% which displays in blue, and a failing value >37% which displays in red.

ClearCheck Plan Checks

ClearCheck is capable of 50+ different prescription, structure, collision, and plan checks. For more details please see the plan checks page.

Each plan in the plan sum will have the associated parameters checked. Checks that are dependent on the structure set i.e. Treatment Couch, HU Override, Structure Sample and Dose Coverage will be checked on the structure set that is associated with the plan sum.