EZFluenceBreast Planning in One Click

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EZFluence is FDA 510(k) Cleared!

Automate Breast Planning

Icon of an outline of an mlc blocked breast

Preserves MLC blocking

Icon of Field-in-Field and E-Comp Field

Field-in-field or E-Comp

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Use with single or mixed energies

30 Second Breast Planning

Instantly generate optimal fluence or field in field plans to achieve the best possible coverage while choosing hot spot limits and minimizing V105% dose to the breast tissue.

Uniform dose displayed

Preserve Blocking

Automatically generate flash and preserve your static MLC blocks. Control dose to OAR structures and block the heart with a single click.

MLC blocking preservation and flash automatic generation displayed

Supports Mixed Energies

Works with mixed-energy beams for achieving coverage in cases with a large separation.

Mixed energies dose and fluence displayed

Simple Subscription Pricing

Simple pricing scheme based on the number of floating licenses you would like.

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