An independent Monte Carlo calculation that provides clinicians the gold standard in treatment plan verification. RadMonteCarlo supports a variety of clinical techniques and treatment planning systems to ensure the accuracy of your plans in minutes.

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A versatile solution for multiple modalities



  • Support for 3DCRT, IMRT, VMAT, SBRT, and SRS


  • Support for 3D dose calculation


  • Support for modulated scanning systems


Integrating seamlessly with ClearCalc’s interface as an optional add-on*, and powered by our Monte Carlo algorithm, RadMonteCarlo’s secondary dose calculation delivers accurate results in minutes.
*RadMonteCarlo is an optional add-on to ClearCalc and is not included in a standard ClearCalc purchase.

Integrated Accuracy

  • Supports photons, electrons, and protons
  • Dose calculation in minutes
  • 3D gamma analysis
    • Full Dose Matrix
    • Per Structure
  • DVH analysis
  • Interactive results

Next Level PSQA with RadMonteCarlo

Harness the power of Monte Carlo for your QA

  • Utilize accurate patient-specific quality assurance options to ensure radiation therapy treatments are precisely delivered as planned, enhancing treatment quality and patient safety.
  • Integrated within ClearCalc, RadMonteCarlo seamlessly fits into existing secondary calculation workflows, boosting efficiency and streamlining QA processes.
  • Thoroughly document PSQA by generating detailed reports for each patient.
PSQA Your Way

Efficient Independent Calculation

Integrated Automation

  • Full integration with Eclipse, no DICOM-transfer needed
  • Accepts DICOM imports from most TPS vendors for flexibility in mixed environments
  • Supports 3D, IMRT, VMAT, SBRT, SRS, electrons, and protons in a single solution
  • Streamlined commissioning for safe and efficient setup
  • Customizable reports

RadMonteCarlo Machine Compatibility

A single solution for multiple machines and techniques in your department.


Scanning Proton Systems

RMC Cloud

No Additional Hardware Required

A lightweight application harnessing the power of the cloud to provide fast and accurate Monte Carlo calculation on any Windows PC in your department.

RadMonteCarlo Overview

Read our introduction to RadMonteCarlo on our blog , or schedule a demonstration below.

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