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Instantly audit every charge, every time

Radiation therapy billing and coding is a time-consuming and complicated process. With QuickCode quality assurance (QA) software, procedure codes are evaluated in seconds. Simplify your billing, prevent missed or incorrect charges, and discover lost revenue with QuickCode.

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QuickCode can help your clinic

By minimizing errors and decreasing the time spent on analysis and verification, QuickCode simplifies billing.

Accurate compensation

Prevent missed charges and discover lost revenue, ensuring appropriate compensation for your clinic.

Time savings

Evaluate procedure codes in seconds and perform rapid reviews as frequently as needed.


Ensure billing consistency and quickly implement policy changes with customizable templates.

Identify missed or incorrect charges in seconds

Using treatment planning data, QuickCode verifies that the appropriate procedure codes have been captured within Varian’s ARIA® OIS. The user is then alerted to extraneous, absent, or incorrect charges.

Easy template setup

  • Customize billing templates to meet departmental standards
  • Configure to work with various insurance providers
  • Easily comply with ASTRO billing guidelines and more

A dynamic tool for your entire department

From simulation through end of treatment, QuickCode verifies that all codes captured are billed appropriately in real time.

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Radiation Therapists

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Billing Specialists

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    By minimizing errors and decreasing the time spent on analysis and verification, QuickCode simplifies billing. What impact would automated billing QA have on your department?

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    “The software not only accurately accounts for each individual patient’s associated billing codes, it does so very rapidly. While assuring the correct codes are billed in the proper quantity, it is also saving a massive amount of time; thus, potentially saving labor costs.”

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