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Automate your plan evaluation workflow

Plan review and reporting is a critical but resource-intensive component of the treatment planning process. ClearCheck, an automated plan check and documentation software, ensures the highest quality treatment plans and helps clinics save time with in-depth plan checks, quick plan comparison, and instant documentation. Standardize and simplify your plan evaluation process with ClearCheck.

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Seamless Eclipse™ Integration

Create comprehensive plan reports by customizing report sections and automatically adding ClearCalc independent calculation results.

  • Accelerate your workflow with Eclipse-integrated evaluation of dose constraints, plan checks, structure checks, prescription checks, and collision checks
  • Simplify documentation with direct report PDF printing to the ARIA documents workspace
  • Integrate your custom script with the ClearCheck API
DICOM files being thrown in the garbage

Constraint Checks

Icon of a graph line with letter V

Volume Constraint
Min Volume Spared
Min Volume Constraint
Volume Table

Icon of a graph line with a letter D

Dose Constraint

Icon of a graph line with mean icon in the center

Max Dose
Min Dose
Mean Dose
Max Dose Table

Icon of two concentric circles

Conformity Index
Paddick Conformity Index
Gradient Index
Gradient Measure

Icon of two circles intersecting

Dose Spill
ICRU Homogeneity Index
RTOG Homogeneity Index

Icon of two different size circles next to each other

Hot Spot Outside or Inside Structure

One-Click Printing

Print a thorough report for either a plan or plan sum in one click. Easily and quickly generate documentation to support IMRT planning charges and comply with the ACR–ASTRO Practice Parameter For IMRT.

Dose Constraints

Evaluate plans easily with 19 different dose constraint types and the ability to analyze BED and EQD2 doses.

Dose constraints displayed

Structure Checks

Catch errors before treatment planning with 7 types of structure checks.

Plan Checks

Easily conform to departmental standards to identify deviations in patient treatment plans with over 80 plan checks, including the option to create custom plan checks.

Prescription Checks

Quickly verify that treatment plans match prescribed treatment.

Plan and structure checks displayed

Collision Checks

Predict collisions with customizable LINAC gantry head, electron cones, and SRS cones as well as Proton machine support. Detect collisions with CT HU values, the external body contour, and support structures.

Collision checks displayed

How can ClearCheck help your department?

By automating your plan evaluation and reporting, ClearCheck streamlines treatment planning while ensuring the highest safety and quality standards of patient care. What impact would ClearCheck have on your department?

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We’ve been using ClearCheck for several months. In the hierarchy of clinical benefit divided by cost, I think it’s second only to a thermometer.

Thanks for listening to our feedback about product improvements. Radformation has quickly grown to be one of my favorite companies and ClearCheck one of my favorite products.

On behalf of the entire Medical Physics community, keep up the good work. Thank you for developing a product that ACTUALLY helps clinical physicists.

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