Radformation and TROG Cancer Research Partner to Enhance Clinical Cancer Research Outcomes

Radformation, Inc. announces a partnership with TROG Cancer Research to improve data quality and protocol compliance for clinical trial patients during cancer treatment by leveraging ClearCheck® automated plan evaluation software.

7 March 2023 - New York, USA and Sydney, Australia

In radiation therapy, an incorrect calculation of monitor units delivered by a linear accelerator can potentially lead to serious medical complications. Independent secondary checks, along with clinical protocols, ensure that clinics can deliver leading-edge treatment with enhanced safety and accuracy.

The Trans Tasman Radiation Oncology Group (TROG) is committed to furthering world-class research in radiation therapy that incorporates modern techniques and technologies, such as Radformation's ClearCheck, into clinical trials so protocol compliance and quality can be established quickly. With ClearCheck, TROG is able to quickly compare plans submitted from their research network of hospitals, cancer treatment centres, and other clinical trial groups, to their clinical trial standards. Offering customizable constraint templates, ClearCheck enables TROG to compare trial results quickly, delivering cancer research quality checks much sooner than manual secondary checks and leading to accelerated treatment protocols.

“ClearCheck has critically underpinned our ability to provide feedback for our knowledge based planning projects, or KBPs,” said Alisha Moore, TROG Cancer Research’s Radiation Therapy Manager. “ClearCheck allows us to very easily customise a reporting template and compare site-submitted clinical plans with our KBP-generated plans, enabling us to see differences in trial dose constraint metrics, DVH comparisons, and plan and contouring checks.”

“Our partnership with TROG Cancer Research has given us insight on new research protocols that are advancing the fight against cancer,” said Joe Ianni, Chief Revenue Officer at Radformation. “Creating custom templates in ClearCheck is a unique aspect of the program, and one that enables TROG to test protocol compliance faster. We look forward to supporting TROG’s future research projects with tools that increase the efficiency of clinical trials.”

See highlights of TROG’s experience with ClearCheck at the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (ASMIRT) 2023 Conference in Sydney, Australia from 27 to 30 April. Attendees are invited to visit Radformation and Gamma Gurus, Radformation’s Australian distributor, at their booths for further information plus a live demonstration of ClearCheck and the full suite of Radformation’s automation solutions.

About TROG Cancer Research

TROG Cancer Research is recognised as a world-leading Collaborative Cancer Trials Group. For more than 30 years, TROG Cancer Research has gained national and international recognition in trial excellence, having accrued more than 15,000 patients to more than 115 clinical trials. TROG has collaborated with hundreds of institutions and thousands of radiation oncology professionals, including radiation oncologists, radiation therapists and radiation oncology medical physicists. Many sites look to TROG Cancer Research to provide guidelines, recommendations and insights into radiation therapy treatment and equipment via TROG’s clinical trial protocols and use of software applications. Visit trog.com.au to learn more.

About Radformation

Radformation is committed to improving the lives of clinicians by delivering user-friendly products developed to increase the safety and quality of cancer treatment. Radformation envisions a radiation oncology clinic where staff are armed with solutions that supplement their expertise and automate tedious tasks, leading to better patient care everywhere. Since its founding in 2016, Radformation has grown to serve over 1,300 clinics around the world with a portfolio of products streamlining all stages of the treatment planning workflow. For more information, visit radformation.com and follow on Twitter @Radformation.

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Gamma Gurus brings over 100 years of experience in diagnostic imaging, radiation therapy and radioactive material management together in one place. The company’s goal is to provide unsurpassed solutions and service to customers with a professional and hassle-free attitude. With an extensive network, Gamma Gurus is able to source the best products from around the world to meet the needs of the local healthcare community. With decades of local knowledge, suppliers and customers alike have the support to navigate the complex regulatory, logistics and technical nuances of the local markets. Visit gammagurus.com.au for more information, or follow on Twitter @GammaGurus.

Melanie Benton
Director of Marketing, Radformation