Radformation Receives Regulatory Clearances for Automation Solutions in Australia, Brazil, Canada, and Thailand

Achieved milestones underscore Radformation’s ongoing global expansion in key markets

February 22, 2024, New York, NY

Radformation, a leader in clinical and operational software solutions for cancer care, announced today that it has received regulatory clearances for its radiotherapy automation solutions* from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia, the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) in Brazil, Health Canada and the Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA). “These clearances reflect our commitment to global healthcare innovation and our dedication to meet the rigorous regulatory standards essential to improve patient care worldwide” said Kurt Sysock, CEO of Radformation.

Included in these clearances is AutoContour, Radformation’s AI-driven auto-segmentation and contouring solution designed to jump start the treatment planning process. In a recent case study, AutoContour was shown to decrease contour planning time by an average of 84% across all anatomical sites, generate highly accurate contours, leading to improved treatment plan consistency.

Early Brazilian adopters of AutoContour and ClearCheck, Radformation’s automated secondary plan check software, Liga Catarinense de Combate ao Câncer - Radioterapia São Sebastião and Real Hospital Português de Beneficência selected Radformation’s tools to complement their growing state of the art treatment modalities and expanding patient load.

For Pedro Piedade, physicist at Radioterapia São Sebastião, the integration of AutoContour and ClearCheck into their workflow has been a transformative leap forward. “By harnessing the speed and standardization offered by AutoContour and ClearCheck, we’ve significantly streamlined our pre-treatment processes”, said Pedro. He also highlighted the strategic role of ClearCheck in the hospital’s transition toward a fully paperless department, noting that “ClearCheck will be instrumental in our move to digitize and automate our secondary checks, enabling us to efficiently manage a growing patient volume without compromising the quality of care."

With the global cancer burden on the rise, Radformation solutions play a crucial role in accelerating every stage of the radiation oncology workflow. This enables clinicians to prioritize quality care and allow patients to receive faster access to treatment. As Radformation forges ahead, it remains dedicated to investing in research and development, ensuring that its software solutions stay at the forefront of radiation oncology and continues to set benchmarks for innovation, safety, and clinician satisfaction.

*The Thai Food and Drug Administration clearance applies specifically to Radformation products AutoContour and EZFluence.

About Radformation

Radformation is committed to improving the lives of clinicians by delivering user-friendly products developed to increase the safety and quality of cancer treatment. Radformation envisions a radiation oncology clinic where staff are equipped with solutions that supplement their expertise and automate tedious tasks, leading to better patient care everywhere. Since its founding in 2016, Radformation has grown to serve over 1,600 clinics around the world in 22 countries with a portfolio of products accelerating all stages of the treatment planning workflow. For more information, visit radformation.com

Melanie Benton
Director of Marketing, Radformation